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Our business is the sale, rental and product support of a group of products that serve the Agricultural, Mining, Industrial and Construction Sectors of our Economy. Our Company is registered in the Khan Bogd Soum of Umnu-Gobi Aimag. This is in the Southern Gobi Region. Our business was founded in the Year-2014. Our Company is 100% owned by two Mongolian citizens. The majority owner is a woman. Our philosophy is to work directly with our Suppliers and directly with our customers. We prefer to work with Suppliers that have strict Vetting Requirements and demanding objectives. Our Suppliers have demanding vetting requirements that are designed to assure our compliance with their goals and requirements. These requirements include absence of corruption, transparency of ownership and a clear method of doing business. Additionally, we like to think that we do business with a “gentle footprint” that best serves our customers and the society in which we live. We have an absolute commitment to Mongolia. We have no “outside investors”. And, we only invest, and spend our capital in Mongolia (with the exception of purchasing goods-and-services from our Suppliers).

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