Basics about Tire Protection Chains

pewag goes underground

Special reinforced chain solutions for underground mining designed by pewag are providing maximum strength, optimum wear volume as well as special flank protection by dense inside and outside mesh.

Definition & Solutions

Steel protection with rubber mobility – strength and flexibility!  A tire protection chain can best be described as a very tight mesh that covers all the vulnerable parts of your tires on their tread and sidewalls to form a barrier against damages.

pewag goes big

Mining equipment both wheel loaders (WA 1200, CAT 994, LT 1850) and dump trucks (CAT 797, HD 930) are always getting bigger and heavier same as their tires (60/80-57; 59/80-63). pewag were first to fit chains on CAT 994 in 1992 and first in chaining the world largest tire 60/80-57 in 2003. 2007 in the lead again with the product launch of the new heavy duty TPC generation in 23mm.

pewag goes high

The reliability of pewag traction chains from XS – XXL guarantee maximum safety and keep your mining operation rolling even in the highest mountains.

Where Tire Protection Chains can be used?

The world’s biggest mining as well as other sector companies with operations in Northand South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia have chosen the reliability of pewag high quality Tire Protection Chains to increase the productivity of their earth moving equipment.

Open-pit mining (e.g. iron ore, copper, gold, coal, etc.)

Underground mining & tunnelling (e.g. gold, tunnel construction, etc.)

Quarrying (e.g. Limestone, granite, basalt, marble, etc.)

Slag & scrap handling (e.g. hot slag pit, scrap yard, recycling yard, etc.)

Traction (e.g. ice and snow, slippery and muddy surface, etc.)