What We Respresent

Mongolia is a unique place. It is a large country, with a small population. The population is young, and has a nearly 100% literacy rate. It’s growth potential is significant, in many areas- including Mining, Infrastructure Development, Agriculture and Power Production. Today, there are a number of ongoing distributors and manufacturers that have been here for years. There are also a number of companies that are not represented in Mongolia, at this time, that should be. That representation could take different forms, based on the requirements of the market, the customer and the supplier. We see three basic levels of representation that any company that is interested in Mongolia, should consider. They are:

Basic Coverage and Lead Generation- There are a number of opportunities that present themselves, in the country, that are unique and singular. Many manufacturer’s make unique products, that may only see a sales opportunity once every couple of years. Yet, they need “eyes-and-ears” on the ground, in-country, to alert them to these occasional leads and opportunities. Typically, these types of companies want to deal directly with the customer- through the sales-and-engineering process, as well as with their aftermarket support.

Examples of this type of company/arrangement might be:

  1. Airport Support Equipment
  2. Specialized Power Plant, or Mineral Processing Equipment
  3. Task-specific applications (fiber-optic installation, railroad maintenance and refurbishment).

We currently have arrangements like this, and can provide this kind of service.

Sales Support and Direct Contact- Some manufacturer’s want an active representation on-the-ground. But, they are unsure of the market, and/or are unwilling to commit to a formal representational contract. This type of support could include representation at Trade Shows and Industry-specific meetings or seminars. It could also involve formal customer introductions, and logistical support within the country. Our team has relationships like this, and can tailor-make a representational strategy that fits your individual needs.

Commissioned Selling- This type of arrangement is for companies that would rely on us to represent their product, with a formal contract. We train up on the product, and get paid a commission for anything we sell. This arrangement works best for companies wanting to test the local market, and have products that have a wider market opportunity- with limited downstream support requirements.