Pyramid Parts -Komatsu Mining Corp. Group

Provide industry leading solutions for competitive mining equipment through direct replacement parts and performance enhancing upgrades

  • Leading and largest independent manufacturer of mechanical replacement parts for shovels, cranes, drills, draglines operating in the construction and mining industries.

  • All Pyramid Parts are guaranteed to equal or exceed OEM specifications for quality of material and precision of dimension. Pyramid Parts will install with intermix, interchange with existing OEM parts.

  • Standard KMC warranty applies for all parts, extended warranty periods are review by a case by case bases

Customer Partnership

Pyramid Parts is seeking a partnership to lower maintenance costs and improve product performance on their non-P&H shovels:

  • Competitively priced direct replacement components

  • Subject matter expert support to resolve product issues

    −Welding / Structures


    −Mechanical Systems

    −Control Systems

  • Custom product development to improve safety, performance, serviceability and to reduce maintenance costs