Undercarriage /Manganese - Theory of Operation/

Manganese is the primary material for crawler shoes on P&H shovels

–Far more resistant to dipper strikes than alloy

–Far more resistant to brittle fracture than alloy

–Far less sensitive to foundry process imperfections

Manganese material is an extremely tough material that will work harden to a very high surface hardness (surpassing alloy) to resist wear providing an optimal combination of wear resistance and toughness. 

–Work hardening is the result of material flow. Full hardness (500+ BnH) is reached after approximately .75” of crush.

–After work hardened, Manganese crawler shoes will retain a very tough core making them resistant to fracture allowing the shoe to be run with significant loss of section size.

–Alloy requires a compromise between hardness and toughness… As alloy wears the surface hardness will reduce increasing the rate of wear.

–50+ years of success with Manganese crawler shoes on P&H shovels.